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Energy Efficiency ; What’s missing in the ACEEE report?
The American Council for Energy Efficiency Economy (ACEEE) recently published its first-ever International Energy Efficiency Scorecard. This is  an important step forward because it is the first time that such an important organization offers a global comparative perspective over energy efficiency in a document that is a real call for action.

The report is a remarquable achievement. It is 100 pages thick and includes numerous indicators that help track the world top economies efficiency across four areas; manufacturing, housing, transportation and National effort (the actual efficiency policy in place). All result are summarized into a score card

More importantly, each of the main chapters ends with a focus on the best implemented practices, turning the report into a vehicle for best practices exchange. This is in our opinion how it is the more impactful.

Overall, this report is a good reminder of how much needs to be accomplished by the world’s main economies in general and the US in particular to become more energy efficient. As emphasized in the report even the best ranked nations still have a lot to accomplish.

A couple things are missing however. The report could include the description of a target; what would the score card look like for an ideal “to-be” efficient economy. This target would be a moving one based on the latest breakthrough in terms of efficiency and on what an ideal efficient economy would look like if all best practices were combined in one single country. Describing a target economy in the report would give it its full dimension as a benchmarking tool.

What else is missing? Energy efficient does not necessarily mean environmental friendly. Some countries that are well ranked in terms of energy efficiency do not fare so well when it comes to carbon dioxide emission.

It all depends on what energy source is used. The ACEEE’s report should also include this dimension because we need to be energy efficient the cleanest way possible. One cannot be without the other.

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