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Smartgrid-CI is an innovative service offered by Pulsar-CI, a Company based in Massachusetts.  Pulsar-CI was created from the idea that executive decision making cannot be made without the support of tangible and current facts and information. In today’s business world, change is ongoing and taking global and radical proportions. No one can do business without being fully updated on their industry and on its environment. Following all developments taking place on the market and at customers or competitors is a must. Keeping current with new laws, regulations and technology development is a requirement. More than ever, gaining access to good information is a critical competitive advantage.
Information is available easily and for free. Sources are numerous and search tools are part of our daily routine. As a result, unfortunately, executives are inundated with too much information and hardly able to deal with it. They often lose a lot of productive time looking for good sources and, most of the time, they end up missing a lot crucial data.

There are three ways executives deal with information:
Some use the search tools that are available on the market and put together search requests that match their needs. This is the most complete way to do it but unfortunately, it is time consuming and the final result is not always as comprehensive as it could be. It takes a lot of time and a lot of practice to sort out real, useful high value information from ads, fake points of view or low impact events. Sources are not stable and their quality is not consistent over time. The effort is ongoing and no busy executive should have enough time for it.
  Executives can also rely on recognized sources of information and stick to them. “Recognized” means, sources they know or they have been referred to. This approach is safe but limited. This is a typical example of a situation where a lot of what is happening on the market is missed. Some of these sources are available for a fee, which is can be very high, some others, available for free, are most of the time poor quality.
Others depend on their colleagues, managers or subordinates for fresh information. This is the easiest way to keep updated but also the most incomplete and the riskiest. No one should surrender the control of their market knowledge to others.
At Pulsar-CI, we think that none of this works. Our point of view is that today’s technology opens the possibility to provide comprehensive information that is high value, current, and easy to navigate. 
It takes five conditions to harness the power of web information for you.
  1. Identifying and serving a business cluster where the information provided is fully consistent with the stakeholders’ needs and focus. A cluster is concentration of business in a particular field and includes vendors, customers and third party (regulatory, standardization bodies, customer/users groups) who share a common interest in a particular field of business or around a business issue.
  2.  Always combining media, industry and business expertise to serve the cluster stakeholders in a professional way with one goal in mind: the information delivered must be useful and contribute to bringing tangible results to the subscriber.
  3. Using the best technology possible to identify the sources and customize the way the information is delivered. The tool we use is much more sophisticated than the ones available for free on the market. Some of our subscribers who tested some of these tools could not get more than 40% of the information we can find for them. Our tool helps us identify many more quality sources, analyze the quality of the content overtime and constantly adjust it based on our subscribers’ needs and on our discovery of new quality sources. A market such as the smart grid is always changing. Our tool helps us detect new trends in real time. Our coverage of information is influenced by what really happens on the market not by fads.
  4. Focusing on high quality content. Our subscribers do not have to worry about the legitimacy of a source or the currency of a story we deliver. We do this work for them. As a result, the facts and numbers we deliver come from the best sources possible. In order to add to the credibility of our data, we systematically give priority to the primary sources instead of delivering rehashed info that can be distorted. We also draw a clear line between facts and comment.
  5. Committing in helping our subscribers save a lot of time along the way. One of the most amazing aspects of Smartgrid-CI is how much time you will save using it. Our service is designed in such a way that it allows you to scan very easily everything that happened in your industry cluster in the previous 24 hours and it takes only a few minutes to do so. If this sounds unbelievable feel free to try. Click here to ask for a 2-week free trial of Smartgrid-CI. At the same time, do not forget to ask yourself: “How much time do I spend looking for information every day?” How about acquiring a current knowledge of what is going on in your industry in a few minutes a day only? How much is my time worth? How much time and money can I save with Smartgrid-CI?

Why did we choose the smart grid?

Pulsar-CI’s intent is to identify as many business clusters as possible and to serve them in a profitable way, one at a time.
The first cluster we chose is the North American smart grid. We chose it because this is a very hot area, where a lot is at stake for a huge number of players. We are talking about hundreds of billions of investment spent in the radical transformation a major industry in the next decade or so. This major transformation starts with energy generation and encompasses all activities down to distribution to final customers. We serve more than 3000 electric utilities in the US and Canada and at least as many water and gas utilities that are also starting to be impacted by this transformation. Our target market also includes thousands of vendors serving this industry (equipment manufacturers, software companies, engineering firms, IT vendors, systems integrators, consulting firms, and research boutiques), dozens of regulatory, legal, standardization organizations, and numerous groups and lobbies of all kind; many stakeholders, many stories to tell.

Another reason why we decided to tackle the smart grid is that no information source serves this cluster in a satisfactory manner. Some sources are very specialized some others are related to companies whose purpose is not information. Many consulting, market research or public relations firms use information as promotional tool. Some well-established information providers also provide a useful service and dependable information but, most of the time, they operate according to the outdated print media paradigm; their content is not comprehensive and is often delivered late. You want to see the result? Click here to watch our short demonstration on Youtube

Smartgrid-CI is not just for individuals:

Quality information helps your people get better at doing what they are doing. A better informed organization is more competitive, more productive, moves ahead faster because it understands the challenges and their top management’s vision.This is the reason why we are offering competitive company packages

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Founder and CEO

Patrick Levy is Pulsar-CI’s Founder and CEO. He used to be the Editor-in-Chief of one of IDG Publication’s magazine that he created.

Patrick also has a lot of experience in strategy implementation gained from working as a management and strategy consultant at Gemini Consulting, as an internal strategy implementation consultant at Areva, a world leader in the nuclear industry or as a market research leader at IDC.

Patrick has a MA in Political Sciences and economics from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Aix-en-Provence in France and an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia.

Strategy Advisor

Chris Hote is the CEO of Digimind in the USA. Digimind is a leader in competitive intelligence software, with a presence in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Chris brings more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, including almost seven years as the CEO of Polyspace Inc.

Chris has a PhD in Physics from Université Paul-Sabatier in Toulouse, France and an MS in Marketing and Finance from the Sloan School of Business at the MIT.

Patrick Levy

Patrick Levy

Founder and CEO
Chris Hote

Chris Hote

Strategy Advisor