GARY L. HUNT The electric power future of the energy value chain is being transformed by distributed generation technology, renewable energy sources, better battery storage, and a revolution in the century old regulated utility business model to democratize the energy value chain. Technology and California’s Community Choice Aggregation law empowers customers to drive the distributed

Smart Meter Update

Tuesday, 02 August 2016 by

By NICK HUNN “Hello, this is the British Electricity Smart Meter hotline.  You are number two million, four hundred and sixty eight thousand, two hundred and twenty three in a queue.  We’re sorry your smart meter has disconnected you and that you have no electricity.  We are working to upgrade the firmware in all of our

By NICK HUNN It’s that time of year when the days get dark and cold, and the energy media turns its interest to the possibility of power cuts in the coming winter.  Which also means it’s the time for DECC to slip out their Annual Report on the Roll-out of Smart Meters, in the hope

By PATRICK LEVY The luxury EV market should start heating up in 2017 with a glut of new models and heading to a major paradigm change. A few weeks before the official launch of Tesla’s Model X, Mercedes-Benz was the last of Luxury car makers to announce last week the development of an electric car

by SNEHA SHAH China’s Solar industry growth has been truly spectacular, ever since the country decided to make solar energy a focus industry in the last 2000s. Massive capital investments through cheap loans and incentives has made China the leader in global solar manufacturing with a huge margin. The low costs of Chinese companies has

By NICK HUNN Energy policy is one of the most important things for any country to get right. If energy supplies fail, the impact on the population and economy is immediate and potentially disastrous.  So you’d think that debate about it would be fairly open, not least because an open debate helps make a fairly

By DAVID JEFFRIES Are you trying to figure out whether solar for your home makes sense or not? If you’re looking for help in finding the true cost of going solar you’ll love this guide. Most people that look into solar know about the Federal Tax Rebate (30%), but did you know that there are

By GARY L. HUNT Elon Musk is trying to turn Tesla into a verb with announcement of the disruptive innovation adaptation of his auto battery system into a home and business energy storage solution.  We all hope he succeeds! One of the biggest disruptive innovation technology frontier hurdles in the energy industry has been the

By GARY L. HUNT A funny thing is happening on the way to the future for major consulting firms. They smell trouble! Sometimes that means fresh new ideas for extracting insight from all this big data piling up using techniques like pattern, text, semantic or visual link analysis or Internet of Things (IoT) platforms that

By SNEHA SHAH China has increased its dominance in the global solar industry, with the marketshare of its domestic solar panel makers now at 70%. Its marketshare of wafers is even greater at 76%, as the Chinese firms dominate all parts of the solar supply chain. The only part where it is weak is in