China the leading solar hub have set new records in the last year, 2014. The country produced the largest quantities of solar products and achieved new efficiency and capacity levels in the last year. The country which houses the leading solar companies today globally, is now set to install another 15 GW by 2020. China

Already 12% of Hawaiians already using solar and more installing by the day. By SNEHA SHAH Hawaii is seeing some solar outburst with nearly 12% of Hawaiian homes bearing rooftop solar panels, according to the Federal Energy Information Administration. The high cost of electricity from utilities and several advantages of rooftop solar has forced the citizens

By PATRICK LEVY Government action for cleaner energy and environment sustainability are responding to growing popular discontent. China is changing very fast not just economically but in thinking and action. The country has now reached a point where most stakeholders understand that the environmental damage caused by its booming economy must be curbed. The country

2014 Solar Winners & Losers

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The solar companies recently gave their full year 2014 results. Given below are the Chinese solar companies ranking based on shipments in 2014. By SNEHA SHAH Trina Solar (TSL) emerged as the winner with 3.7 GW shipments in 2014, followed by Yingli Green Energy (YGE) in the second position. Canadian Solar (CSIQ) and JA Solar

  By NICK HUNN It’s taken a long time for the bubble to burst, but there are signs that reality is starting to break through the Panglossian fixed grins of the British smart metering establishment.  As readers of this site will know, I’ve been critical of the GB programme.  I have no issue with smart

By GARY L. HUNT The big shift in energy means the Internet of Everything is creating competitive energy markets. It means new knowledge available from a tsunami of data available about our energy use. It means new choices not just in energy sources like fuels for power generation, but also new vendors, new bundles of

A new law passed by the Vermont’s house on Tuesday turns Vermont into a pioneer in renewable energy maybe to the expense of energy efficiency. Is it a good choice? By PATRICK LEVY Tuesday, Vermont’s house decided on a bold and ambitious target for renewable energy in requiring states utilities to reach a 75% renewable

Is Japan Losing its Solar Focus?

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10 oligopolistic Japanese utilities start shutting the doors on booming Solar power in Japan. Japan has seen an unprecedented boom in solar power generation after the country shut down its nuclear power plants and started to give a generous feed in tariff (higher electricity prices) for solar electricity. This has led to 6+GW of installations

Fuelled by the enthusiasm of the big players to embrace this market, analysts are falling over themselves to define and inflate the size of the wearable market opportunity, predicting a market worth over $30 billion by 2020. That belief is driven by a desperate need for major companies to find something to follow on from

Global clean energy investment surged in 2014 crossing $300 billon for the first time ever, with solar energy drawing nearly $150 billion in investments. The investment was up 16% this year, as lower solar prices and increase in offshore wind energy investments helped increase investments overall. Solar energy investments included investments in both solar companies