Here are some of the 44 news stories delivered today by Smartgrid-CI Itron again; After the announcement of the big BC Hydro contract, the Liberty Lake company just signed another one with ATCO Gas for the delivery of 1 million communication modules. Smart metering is not for electricity only. Water and gas applications are

One day only after it finalized the $1.6B loan guarantee for Ivanpah solar project, the DOE announces the financing of another solar project of almost the same magnitude; the California Valley  Solar Ranch project for which the DOE commits almost $1.2B in loan guarantee. Solar Energy is very hot in California and it is

No less than $1.6B, this is the amount of the loan guarantee offered by the DOE Ivanpah Solar Energy Generating System led by Brightsource project. is the biggest solar project ever and Google is investing $168M in it. BC Hydro’s smart meter deployment was announced earlier this year, we now know that Itron

Alarming news from the security front, 76% of US utilities were breached in the past year. For the first time in one single story, an overview of where consumers are protesting against smart meters why they are doing so and how they are organized. An interesting marketing initiative taken by NYSEG and RGE

The March acquisition madness goes into April, and VC’s still in love with Greentech. For us, the utility of the week is Opower that will supply customer engagement solutions to BGE Opwer also attracted attention with quite interesting story about its IT. Isn’t it the time to talk big numbers on

Conflicting signals are coming from the electric vehicle market. On the one hand, consumers seem more and more interested (without really buying products) and technologies are making significant progress on autonomy and recharging time. Furthermore, Better Place’s concept of battery changing stations is ready to go. So why is not the market is not really

It is maybe just a coincidence or maybe it is because next year is election year but the debate about the public/private responsibility on the smart grid gained a lot of traction in these past few days. Interestingly enough, the initiative is not coming only from the public sector or the government but also from

Is demand response the smart grid killer application? This question is asked by one of the experts whose column is published today on Smartgrid-CI. Dominion is about to take a very significant step forward in terms of renewable energy. A recent report published by Gartner stresses the financial hurdles that are impeding consumers