China leading the global race to renewable energy jobs

by / Thursday, 29 May 2014 / Published in Smartgrid-CI Blog

40% of jobs related to renewable energy are located in China. One more evidence this country is leading the global energy revolution.

Renewable energy jobs are booming all over the world. There were 6.5 million of them globally in 2013 by the IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) that just published its annual renewable job report.

China is leading the pack by far, with 2.640 million jobs or 40% of the total. Even more spectacular is the fast growth of renewable energy job creation in China where only 0.3 to 0.5 million of these jobs were accounted for in 2011.This is a 500% growth over three years compared to a 14% growth globally; IRENA estimates that renewable energy jobs reached 5.7 million in 2012 globally.

At 1.2 million jobs, the European Union is a distant second with Germany leading the pack (760,000 jobs). The USA comes in fourth only with 625,000 jobs, far from Brazil with almost 900,000 jobs related to renewable energy; One specifics of Brazil being its very extensive hydroelectric infrastructure that provides almost 57% of the electricity used in the country.



Added together, all solar technologies represent almost 50% of the total with 2.82 million jobs. All bio technologies added together (Biomass, biofuel and biogas) come as a close second with 2.5 million jobs, far ahead of wind energy that represents 834,000 jobs. Of course, there is no correlation between the number of jobs created and the power generated by each of these technologies and even less with the penetration of renewable energy in these countries. Many of these jobs are related to manufacturing and also reflect China’s domination in PV manufacturing; Almost of renewable energy jobs in China are related to solar energy.

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