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Every morning at about 9AM, you receive the service by email.
The email includes an executive summary where information is regrouped into sections.You can scan the executive summary in a few seconds. It is all it will take you to get an idea of the top smart grid news that took place in the previous 24 hours.You can navigate the service very easily and get immediately to the news they want to read.
The Executive summary gives you an overview of the news. If you are interested in learning more you can jump directly to the section or event the story you want to read.Going to another section is just as easy. Just go back to the summary with a click and straight to the story you want to read with another click.
Our subscribers tell us that that they save between 30 minutes and 2 hours every day. If time is money, think about how much you will save.
We use a very advanced proven Competitive Intelligence tool that is supported by an exclusive database of 500,000 news pages. The news a grouped into sections so you can access instantly the information you want to read, thanks to our executive summary that provides direct links to the news.
Smartgrid-CI is organized in a dozen sections by team. We cover the whole smart grid, not just technical, legal or business issues so you get the big picture.

We start with the smart grid Top Stories, usually three to seven headlines of current important event that are taking place in the smart grid world. This section is your “front page”, a very quick and easy way for you to learn all important smart grid news on a daily basis.

Next section regroups smart grid blogs, opinions, interviews and reporting. We connect you to dozens of high quality specialized blogs. Our stories come from the more than 1,500 US, Canadian, European and Asian newspapers, TV channels, and hundred of specialized publications or, when they bring something interesting, vendor blogs.

We also offer a smart grid business and strategy section where all business information related to the smart grid, utilities and energy is available. We have a broad approach to it and include in this section information about smart grid projects, new contracts related to the smart grid or smart meters, energy efficiency programs, demand response, software, business alliances and electric vehicles. We also track the stategy of the top industry players (some examples are Siemens, GE, Schneider-Electric, IBM, Oracle, and of course utilities stories about IOU’s, coop and municipal utilities).

We cover finance, investments in the utility world, the energy sector and the smart grid. In this section we bring you updates about the financial situation of utilities or vendors, trends in the VC world, and merger and acquisitions.

We are strongly committed to bringing you an international perspective on the smart grid. We follow all important events taking place in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. With Smartgrid-CI you are always sure to keep updated on the latest developments of the national solar energy plan in Germany, the consequences of Fukushima’s catastrophe in Japan, the impact of the strategic choices made by the Chinese government on the future of EV’s, the development of micro grids in Africa or Latin America, the switch of Saudi Arabia to renewables and so much more.

Our networks, telecom, IT and Security section keeps you informed of all technology related topics. This is where you will learn about everything related to 4G, Data centers, new CIS applications, Zigbee products and etc.

We also offer you a section on new Products, market research and services and market research reports that are hitting the market.

The smart grid is also about people and we follow nominations and the career evolutions of the smart grid leaders at companies, utilities, regulatory bodies, consulting firms,renewable energy companies and the investment community in a dedicated section.

Regulatory, Legal and Politics related to the smart grid, the energy sector and utilities are intertwined and we follow them in a comprehensive section where you will learn everything about the decisions made by the regulatory bodies, the position of the main political parties, or the development of the smart grid opposition or support initiatives across the country and overseas when relevant.

Changes on the smart grid are strongly affected by the development of renewable energy (solar, wind, thermal, geothermal, biofuel), evolution in storage technology, investment in transmission and distribution. We regroup all intelligence related to these topics in one single section for you to better understand their impact.

Technology, innovation, R&D and standards will have no secrets for you. We follow them in a dedicated section and we bring the best from the top specialized publications, and from research institutions and universities, in North America or overseas.

Finally, Smartgrid-CI also includes trade News, updates on trade Shows, conferences, industry events and awards and links to free webinars or web conferences.

We deliver text, video, audio stories and give you a chance to easily download critical documents in multiple formats. When possible, we deliver news in pdf files. We also offer multiple links to the same information, in particular on important topics. So you get several points of view at once. We do our best to connect you to the primary source of information.
Smartgrid-CI being delivered electronically, creating your own archive is as easy as storing all our email in a dedicated email folder. The content will be available as long as it is kept online at the source.

We have a strict confidentiality policy that can be summarized as follows: With us, your personal information is kept 100% confidential

1) We use your contact information for delivering our service or to inform you about our service and potential new offerings, only.

2) We do not sell your information to any third party

3) We destroy immediately your credit card information as soon as payment is completed

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