Green business turned upside down….even more.

by / Tuesday, 10 May 2011 / Published in Smartgrid-CI Blog

It is only a project a this stage but Best Buy is thinking about Selling EV’s.

What is interesting in this information is what it tells about the radical transformation of the car industry that will take place with EV’s. Not only energy distribution will be turned upside down but also car distribution. This, of course if EV make it as a mass product. The car business could also take other directions. One of them is Better Place’s model, another would be to see the current model almost unchanged if alternative fuel becomes competitive.

Who Will Acquire Landis & Gyr ? firm?WT.rss_f=&WT.rss_a=Landis%2BGyr+auction+heats+up+as+Toshiba+reportedly+eyes+smart+meter+firm

Big guys like GE and Toshiba are interested in acquiring the Swiss company. Landys&Gyr is a leader in Smart meter/AMI technologies. The big difference between the current green business wave and what traditionally happens with the SIlicon Valley is that in a “green” world, the big guys are not shy about acquiring smaller innovative  companies, either start ups in their infancy or well established ones. In a “green business world”, there are many big guys with very deep pockets.
Big question? Is there any room for a “Green” Microsoft or a “Green” Google to emerge?

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