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Gigantic is China’s new nuclear program. China currently has 27 nuclear reactors under construction  and plans to build another 25 to 30  more by 2020.This is more than 50 in ten years ! 

It is difficult to assess how much additional power in the Chinese grid this effort represents, suffice to say that there are today 104 nuclear reactors running  in the US with an economy that is roughly three times as big as China’s. At the same time the Chinese government has decided to give a strong push to PV energy. The new target is a 50GW capacity also by 2020.

No doubt, China is taking impressive steps away from oil.

Gigantic also is India’s new goals with renewable energy. The country doubled its share of gas emissions in the past 15 years and wants to offset it in adding 17GW of renewable capacity into its grid by 2017. This represents nearly $34B of investment. There is still a long way to go for India that generates today roughly 65%of its eletricity from coal and this new renewable capacity will represent less than 15% of its total current electricity output.

Gigantic is the only way to describe the mega wind turbine installed at the NREL by Alstom.

The picture tells it all !

….or the 32 MW lithium battery AES is building and wants to introduce on the market by the end of this year. It may actually by the largest of this kind in the world so far.

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