What happened with the smart grid today May 9?

by / Monday, 09 May 2011 / Published in Smartgrid-CI Blog

Bill Gates on the energy crisis is pretty critical about the apth taken to reselove the energy crisis. He does not believe that the adoption of solar panels, led lights and efficiency buildings are enough to overcome the challenge of the energy crisis. To him they are “cute” technologies and only nuclear power will help cut gas emissions by 90%. http://www.energydigital.com/sectors/other-energy/bill-gates-energy-crisis

The truth about EV’s in China Despite heavy invstment from utilities and =battery manufacturers, consumers do not seem convinced by electric cars yet. “wants to buy cars that only go 100km and are difficult to charge” http://www.cars21.com/content/articles/57620110506.php

Meter privacy rules in California The good news is that there are rules, the bad news is that utilities have the possibility to monetize their data. This is something theyalways were reluctant to do so far.


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