What happened with the smart grid today? Thursday April 14

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Here are some of the 44 news stories delivered today by Smartgrid-CI

Itron again; After the announcement of the big BC Hydro contract, the Liberty Lake company just signed another one with ATCO Gas for the delivery of 1 million communication modules.


Smart metering is not for electricity only. Water and gas applications are also growing fast.

Today’s solar news come from Duke Energy that takes an interesting initiative in deploying energy storage technology at a Texas wind farm.  http://classic.cnbc.com/id/42586269

After California and Maine, “smart meter phobia” is spreading to British Columbia where the recently announced deployment of 2 million smart meters by BC Hydro is not welcome by everyone.


We all know that smart grid cyber security is a big issue and Pike Research has put a price tag on it.


Smartgrid-CI likes to tell about small smart grid projects that do not always make the headlines such as the implementation of an AMI infrastructure for 69,000 customers by Caroll Electric a small Arkansas coop. http://nwahomepage.com/fulltext-news/?nxd_id=231187

And also
…..Ford’ s list of most EV friendly cities…The secret behind Opower’s success ….India launching its first operational smart grid…Resistance Mounting to Germany‘s renewable energy plans…Why is IXFY is a great investment….And so much more.

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