What happened with the smart grid today? Wednesday April 13

by / Wednesday, 13 April 2011 / Published in Smartgrid-CI Blog
One day only after it finalized the $1.6B loan guarantee for Ivanpah solar project, the DOE announces the financing of another solar project of almost the same magnitude; the California Valley  Solar Ranch project for which the DOE commits almost $1.2B in loan guarantee.

Solar Energy is very hot in California and it is not just a coincidence as the regulator is also pushing hard with the adoption yesterday of the 33% RPS law

…immediately endorsed by South California Edison  http://www.edison.com/pressroom/pr.asp?bu=&year=0&id=7588

California is not the only place where solar energy is hot.

AREVA, the world leader in the nuclear industry, just announced that they will build in Australia the biggest solar facility in the southern hemisphere.

Two other French companies, Alstom and Schneider Electric, are in the limelight. They are about to partner in order to grab part of the Indian smart grid market

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