What Is Smartgrid-CI?

We help you win your smart grid challenge

Making the grid smarter is the most important transformation that ever took place in the energy industry.
The challenge of grid modernization encompasses the whole energy value chain from energy generation through transportation to distribution. In becoming smart, the grid is turning the energy paradigm upside down, hitting very hard the energy industries’ long lasting practices and habits. The impact of the smart grid goes way beyond technology and/or the implementation of smart meters or new software. It redefines the entire energy value chain and creates many risks as well as tremendous new opportunities for those who can navigate this transformation and win.

Smartgrid-CI stands for smart grid competitive intelligence. The concept was born from a very simple observation: today, the smart grid stakeholders do not have access to a single source of intelligence that is altogether high quality, dependable, current and comprehensive. Energy companies, Utilities, consultants, regulatory and standardization bodies have no convenient and affordable way to learn all they need to know about the smart grid’s changes on a daily basis.

To fulfill this need, we offer a new and innovative daily service to anyone involved in this transformation. Our subscribers are consultants, in charge of strategy at utilities or vendor, CEO’s, CIO’s, Program and Projects Managers, communication experts, counsels, involved in sales, marketing or technology, and part of regulatory or standardization organizations. And you may be one of them.

We help you navigate the smart grid transformation, understand it and win. We do it very well because we know how you feel

  • You are inundated with information and rarely have the time to read it.
  • You receive numerous solicitations to attend costly conferences, webinars, exhibits, webcast and do not always get what you expected from them.
  • You need to follow both technology, regulatory, market and and energy issues and do not even know what source to trust.
  • The top story that’s on your mind is never right there when you need it.
  • You are always looking for this critical number or fact.
  • Every day you feel frustrated because you miss important information about your own industry, your competitors or your customers.
  • You are desperately looking for a valuable intelligence source that is comprehensive, current and dependable and that can help your strategic and tactical choices.
  • You spend too much time try to keep updated.

No time
No access to a comprehensive quality source
No way you can get the big picture you need to make the right decision

If this sounds familiar, Smartgrid-CI is what you need

We are different because we not only bring you the most comprehensive best quality information but also our innovative technology offers you a way to learn all you need about the smart grid in only a few minutes every morning, no more.Our service is especially designed for you to save a lot of precious time. How do we know it works? Our subscribers tell us that they save between 30 minutes and 2 hours every day.

Smartgrid-CI is also very flexible. You can read he information immediately or keep it in a dedicated email folder to read it later or to create your own personal archive. Get the big picture and connect the dots. All topics related to the smart grid are intertwined. This is why Smartgrid-CI covers all aspects of the North American smart grid (business, stategy, smart meter and software projects, transportation, distribution, energy efficiency, renewable energy, regulatory and so on) and also important stories from overseas…

Unlike web random sources, we always make sure our stories are relevant. We constantly check for their the quality of our sources and we always search for new ones. We eliminate repeat and obsolete information that many “aggregators” do not hesitate to “refresh” when they have nothing else to deliver.  We check the quality of the links so you do not have the frustration of dealing with empty pages.

We are your trustful source because we know what we are talking about; Smartgrid-CI leverages extensive knowledge of the energy sector with deep understanding of strategy, business and strategic intelligence. We are a trustful source also because we are fully independent from any third party involved in the smart grid.
Our service is 100% free of ads.

Be at the top of the smart grid game

  1. Know quickly all about the smart grid and save a lot of time for more productive tasks.
  2. Get access to all you need to know in order to remain at the top of your knowledge on strategy, operations, market, financial, technology and regulatory and more, related to the smart grid and smart metering.
  3. Access the opinion of the best thought leaders in one shot. We connect you to dozens of columns, blogs and special reports and we always add new high quality sources.
  4. Get the big picture and connect the dots quickly.
  5. Be more knowledgeable than your competitors in front of your customers or suppliers.
  6. Do not miss potential business opportunities. Smartgrid-CI can help you generate leads. A single successful lead can justify the investment in your subscription.
  7. Be better prepared for a negotiation. Know what you are talking about. A conversation updated from what you just learned from Smartgrid-CI can make a big difference.
  8. React immediately to any changes on the market.

Help  your organization gain smart grid leadership

What can be accomplished at your level can be accomplished at your organization’s level.

Current, high quality comprehensive intelligence can dramatically improve your organization’s performance. 

      1. More knowledgeable people have a huge impact on your customers and suppliers.
      2. Identifying new business opportunities before your competitors helps your bottom line.
      3. Knowledgeable people feel better in their role and are more committed.
      4. Knowledgeable people are easier to align on your vision because they better understand it and are ready to move forward.
      5. Save money. Have your organization rely on one single comprehensive high quality source and avoid multiple subscriptions to numerous costly and poor content sources.

Ask about our competitive enterprise package at info@smartgrid-ci.com

The free trial is open to as many people as you want in your organization

Smartgrid-CI takes Strategic intelligence to the next level 

  1.     We use a very sophisticated tool to scan more than 500,000 web news sites worldwide and to capture news from RSS, Webnews, and Webpage feeds.
  2.     We scan the “hidden web”; web pages that most other search engines (even the biggest ones) often overlook and we manage to bring you valuable intelligence that you will have a lot of trouble finding elsewhere.
  3.     We also rely on our own sources; nearly 3000 web sites from utilities, specialized publications, vendors, regulatory and standardization bodies that are dedicated to the smart grid, the utilities and the energy sectors in the US, Canada and overseas, and we always add more quality sources.
  4.     On a typical day we deliver 50 to 60 high quality news stories about the smart grid, this is 12000 to 15000 a year.  No one is nearly as comprehensive.
  5.     We publish a minimum of 220 issues a year and we capture all the relevant information that comes out between publications so you do not lose important information.

Smartgrid-CI is a strategic and tactical intelligence that you can work with

  1.     Our subscribers use Smartgrid-Ci  for  strategic planning, marketing, sales, they are Program or Project Managers, CIO’s, CTO’s involved in the smart grid or they are C-Level executive in the energy industry, at utilities, software vendors, consulting firms.
  2.     You can easily build their personal archive with the information they receive every day.
  3.     We can semi-customize the service on your request and for free. Any subscriber can ask us to add to our database any sources they want us to track for them (on the condition of course that they are relevant).

Smartgrid-CI is your trustful partner committed to high quality

  1.     We check for you the quality and the reliability of the sources.
  2.     We discard for you all infomercials, ads and anything that is not information as well as bad quality sources.
  3.     When relevant, we bring you multiple points of view on a same topic so you can make your opinion faster.

You want to know more about our quality commitment? Download our quality charter HERE


  1. How much time do I spend every day looking for information on the smart grid?
  2.  How much money do I spend trying to get informed?
  3. How much is my time worth?  
  4. Am I ready to gain a decisive competitive advantage?

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